1st Class Before and After School Program

Our Before and After School programs offers play-based programs designed to provide opportunities for natural exploration of a variety of planned and free choice activities. These include but are not limited to, crafts, science, pretend play, dress-up, music, gym and outdoors, building and Stem activities, floor play toys, games and puzzles. The children are encouraged to share their interests and activity ideas with us so that we may incorporate them in our daily choices. We provide a wide variety of equipment and supplies for your child to choose from.

When possible, we provide field trips, community exploring and special guests to share their expertise. All activities are modified as needed to include all the different needs of our children.

The main emphasis in our Before and School program is to:
  • Create a program that is inclusive and respects individual abilities, needs and strengths.
  • Integrate other types of play such as Loose Parts Play, which uses nature, recyclables, and loose parts to build and innovate.
  • Provide activities and Learning experiences that include Sensory/Art and Crafts, Language/communication and social interaction, Pretend/Dramatic Play, Construction/Block Building, Cognitive/Manipulative Play, Science and Nature experiences, Physical Activities/Active Play.
  • Provide a language-rich environment that encourages communication through positive interactions.
  • Develop children’s self-esteem by ensuring that they feel valued and cared for as individuals.
  • Provide the children with choices in their leisure activities, such as sports, games, projects and social interactions with peers and adults.
  • To give children the opportunity to be creative, imaginative and to feel productive.
  • To provide a supportive environment in which children can develop their skills, talents and interests.

Accreditation - A Standard of Excellence

1st Class After Class Before and After school has three of our programs accredited by the Alberta Association for the Accreditation of Early Learning and Care Services, with our other programs going through the accreditation stage. Accreditation is a voluntary commitment that demonstrates a program's commitment to go beyond basic requirements to meet higher standards of care in delivering services.
For more information visit the AELCS website: AELCS