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1st Class is committed to providing a safe, engaging environment where children will want to be life- long learners. We will provide a safe, stimulating atmosphere where children will have opportunities to explore and discover the world around us, overcome barriers, build positive relationships, and develop strong confidence and essential life skills. Our rotating schedule of games, crafts, homework support, and physical activities will ensure that every child is active, engaged and involved.

Our Community

1st Class programs are actively involved in the local community. As learning and development takes place in a social context, children’s ever-evolving learning occurs not just in the family but also in community and society. 1st Class believes that one of the key elements of community involvement is the importance of making connections with services and organizations that serves the local community and that it is important to establish ourselves as part of the community we serve and providing quality child care to the community at an affordable price.

As an integral part of the community, 1st Class participates in many community events such as fundraisers and local community events.

We connect with our community by inviting local services such as members of the Fire Brigade, Police Department, medical or nursing profession may be invited to share aspects of their work that are of interest to children. Our programs hold current information on relevant community resources and makes these available to families. We liaise with other children’s services, local businesses, school, health services and organizations working with families and children in the local area. 1st Class organizes events such as jacket exchange where leftovers are donated to our charity of choice which is the Sheriff King Home. Other ways 1st Class supports our communities is by

  • Partnering with the local Community centres to assist in programs and initiatives such as food bank donations.
  • Partnering with local family support services such as I’m 4 kids, Kids Developmental services, Providence etc. to provide services for the children in our programs that need extra support.
  • Partnerships with universities, colleges, high schools and community agencies to provide rich opportunities related to practicum support, volunteer opportunities, professional development and support services.

School & Community Involvement

As a company, 1st Class has a policy of maintaining close working partnership with both the schools we operate out of and the communities surrounding those schools. We feel it is important to stay connected and to participate in as many community and school activities as possible to encourage information sharing and building positive relationships. This in turn helps us create a stronger relationship with our schools and our families. 1st Class Supports Schools in our communities by:

  • Providing free child care on recommendation by the school to help families.
  • Donations to school auctions.
  • Participating in school events and so much more.