Employment Opportunities

At 1st Class, we are powered by people, we pride ourselves on a people-first attitude and believe in the word "team". We believe we are stronger as a company when employees collaborate and bring diverse perspectives together. That’s why we work hard to foster a work environment of mutual respect, transparency and inclusiveness.

Why Join the 1st Class Team

1st Class is a place where employees feel a sense of community and belonging. Where people feel supported in their work and enjoy the friendliness and familiarity that only a people-oriented company can provide.

We invest in the wellness and development of all our employees, knowing that it benefits both the individual and the company as a whole. Our culture, along with many benefits, resources and programs, encourages a healthy and productive workplace. We also pride ourselves on our competitive compensation, excellent benefits, constant professional support.

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I am happy and grateful to be part of this company and team. I see myself growing with 1st Class for many years to come.