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We are a licensed child care provider, as we strive to not only meet but exceed all guidelines for the childcare industry. We are not the closest proximity provider to many of our families but have been the provider of choice for most families in the area. We offer the highest level of care by the most qualified and experienced staff at the most affordable price in the community. We are driven by pride in our program and not profit which has created the loyalty and trust we are so grateful to have within the communities we have programs.

1st Class offers a wide variety of developmentally appropriate programs for children with a blended approach combining a learn through play philosophy, lots of physical activity and an introduction to new experiences and curriculum supporting materials and activities.

Group Play

It is a time for story and language development, music and movement activities, and other varied learning experiences.

Dramatic Play

Our programs all have a pretend and learn area devoted to developing a child’s sense of “make believe”.

Before & After Grade 1-6

Our before and after-care programs go well beyond homework help. We support children in becoming the kindest, most capable, and most resilient version of themselves.

Daycare - Ages 19 months & Up

We offer the highest quality care with exceptional long-term staff and management. The single most important ingredient in our program is how our experienced educators relate to the children in our care. At 1st Class it is our mission to make every child feel happy, safe and free to explore and learn, which we achieve through a programming designed specifically to meet the needs of each child, we provide tons of opportunities to engage in STEM, play, physical activities, literacy, clubs, and more.


With regular outdoor time and planned indoor activities, our children experience a world of movement, dance and recreation.


Books allow children to enter a world of “make believe” and learn about new and exciting things.

Kindergarten Care

Our programs use a curriculum that is individualized to every age, with planned activities that combine learning and fun to create happy, curious kids. Our Kindergarten program offers programming that is designed to complement what they are learning in their classroom while still Playing, Growing, Learning & Having fun with weekly themes based on their interests.

Our Location

Centre Hours

    • Monday-Sunday: 6:30am - 7:30pm

    Centre Fees

  • Daycare:
  • Full time: $1100 / Month
  • Part time: $875
  • 12-18 Months:
  • Full time: $1300 / Month
  • Part time: $1000
  • Daily Drop In: $12.50/hour up to a maximum of $75/day

  • Kindergarten Care: incl/transport to school $875

  • OSC (grades 1-6): incl/transport to school $625

  • Communities Serviced

    New Brighton, Auburn Bay, McKenzie Lake, Mahogany, Cranston

Porsche Wight

Centre Director

Ms. Porsche is a Child Development Assistant with a certificate in Early Childhood Education and currently working on attaining a higher level of education in early childhood education. She has been working in the childcare for over 8 years and been a Director of a program for over 5years and brings many years of experience to the Fish Creek program.

Ms. Porsche says "I love that each day is challenging and exciting, never the same day twice. Getting to know the children and their families over the years brings has been a great joy and privilege. I am very grateful to continue my journey in early childhood education with the 1st Class family". When Ms. Porsche isn't directing the program, she enjoys her time with friends and family.

Jamie Breckenridge

Assistant Director

Ms. Jamie is our Assistant program Director specializing in Early Childhood Education she graduated from Bow Valley College as a Child Development Worker. She has been in the child care industry for over 6 years. Her passion for this industry started with the birth of her son, and desire to learn more about developmental stages, and early learning. Ms. Jamie enjoys yoga, boxing and spending time with her son Rylee!

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